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We are delighted to announce that the following teachers/staff have established class Twitter accounts to showcase their classes and the great things that happen in them:

Aubrey Dawe, Principal (@beachycoveelem)

Juanita Dunphy, Assistant Principal (@JDunphyBCE)

Heather Godden, Learning Commons (@BCELRC)

Sylvia Tobin, Kindergarten (@BCETobin)

Terrilynn Morris, Kindergarten (@TerrilynnMorris)

Mavis O'Keefe (@BCEOKeefe)

Cathy Kiss, grade one (@CathyKiss1)

Cathy Delaney, grade one (@cathydelaney)

Donna Mills, grade one (@BCEMills)

Kelly Keeping, grade one EFI (@KellyKeeping)

Meghan Gosse, grade one EFI (@MmeGosse)

Nicole Barela, grade one EFI (@BCE1Barela)

Tanya Hillier, grade two (@TanyaHillier)

Trudy Rice, grade two (@2RiceBCE)

April LeShane, grade two (@BCELeShane)

Jeanna Bishop, grade two (@BCEJeannaBishop)

Kim Wilson, grade three (@BCE3Wilson)

Angela Hatcher, grade three (@3hatcherbce)

Colette Jewer, grade three (@cjewer)

Natalie Ralph, grade four, EFI (@4FNatalie)

Paula Courage, grade four EFI (@PCourage)

Roxanne Penney, grade four (@BCE4Penney)

Lisa Cobb, grade four (@bce4cobb)

Sam Paterson, grade five EFI (@5PatersonBCE)

Carla Porter, grade five (@CarlaPorter2)

Cynthia Fillier, grade five (@5FillierBCE)

Goldwyn Mercer, IRT (@BCEIRTmercer)

Paulette Spencer, grade six (@PauletteSpencer)

Roxanne Roberts, grade six (6BCERoberts)

Bernice Curtis, grade six EFI (@BCECurtis)

Debbie Cantwell, Music (@CantwellMusic)

Raven Williams, Instructional Resource Teacher (@Ravenjwilliams)


In addition to these class accounts, make sure you “follow” our school account, @beachycoveelem.
We have already seen lots of “tweets” which show our students immersed in various learning situations here at the school.
Directions as to how to establish your own Twitter account are posted below.
The definitive hashtag for our school accounts is #EEBCE (which stands for École Élémentaire Beachy Cove Elementary).
You should stay tuned as other classes are in the process of setting up their own accounts as well; we will let you know about these once they are all set up.
Instructions for Setting up a Twitter Account
1.Go to

2.Go to the second dialog box, “New to Twitter? Sign Up” (or it might say, “Join today.”)

3.Type in your full name in the box that says “Full Name”.

4.Type in your email address in the box that says “Email”.

5.Create a password - a new password that you will use for access to your Twitter account.

6.Click the yellow box that says “Sign up for Twitter”.

7.You should now see a screen that says “Join Twitter today.” This should have several rectangular boxes, the first of which has your name in it and to the right of that it will have green text that says “Name looks great.”  The second box will have your email address.  The third box will have your Twitter password and some commentary about its strength.  Finally, the fourth box will have your Twitter name indicated and it will indicate whether or not it is available.  If it is not available, it also provides some suggestions.

8.Click on “Create my account.”

9.You may be prompted to type in what the squiggly words say – do that next.

10.You will then be taken to a welcome page that reads, “Welcome, __________.  Get started in less than 60 seconds.”  You should then click the button labeled, “Next”.

11.Now you will come to a page that says “Follow freely.  To get someone’s Tweets, click the Follow Button”.  It will list five random accounts; you can choose to follow them or not – up to you.

12.For our purposes, I would like you to type in the search box “beachycoveelem” (without the quotes). (This is just below the box that says, “Start by following 5”; push “Enter” on your keyboard now.)

13.This should put you right to my Twitter account and you will see me in all my glory holding the Twitter symbol in my hand….yes, really!

14.Next, you should click “Follow” which will then change the page to “Following” next to my Twitter name and to the right of the page you should see my latest “Tweet”.

15.You should then see at the bottom of the left hand side of the page, “Skip this step” – click on this and it will take you to another page.  Look for “Skip this step” again and click it twice more and it will take you to your main Twitter page.

16.This page will give you a little box in the upper left hand corner that says “Compose new tweet”.  In this box, type a short “Tweet” like “Hello”.

17.When I am added as one of the Twitter-er-s that you “follow” I will get an e-mail alerting me to this and I will then add you to my “follow” list.

18.Now, to log out, go to the top right hand of this page and you will see a little silhouette with a down arrow next to it.  Click this and at the very bottom of the list, you should click sign-out.

19.Now, when you are ready to read other “Tweets” and ready to “follow” fellow twitter-er-s, you simply go to and log in using your email address and the password you used to create your twitter account.